Graduation Ceremonies

Welcome to the University of Leeds Graduation Webcasts provided by I am a Graduate.com.

A link to your graduation ceremony will become available 5 minutes before its scheduled start time in the AVAILABILITY column. After the ceremony is complete, an archive will be available within 2 hours of its completion.

Ceremony Number School Time Availability
Monday 10 July 2017
Ceremony 1 English
Fine Art, History of Art and Cultural Studies
9:30 am View
Ceremony 2 English 11:30am View
Ceremony 3 Chemical and Process Engineering 2:00 pm View
Ceremony 4 Civil Engineering
4:00 pm View
Tuesday 11th July 2017
Ceremony 5 Biological Sciences 9:30 am View
Ceremony 6 Biological Sciences 11:30 am View
Ceremony 7 Biological Sciences 2:00 pm View
Ceremony 8 Biological Sciences 4:00 pm View
Wednesday 12th July 2017
Ceremony 9 Education
9:30 am View
Ceremony 10 Leeds University Business School 11:30 am View
Ceremony 11 Leeds University Business School 2:00 pm View
Ceremony 12 Leeds University Business School 4:00 pm View
Thursday 13th July 2017
Ceremony 13 History (Including Institute of Medieval Studies)
Lifelong Learning Centre
9:15 am View
Ceremony 14 History (Including Institute of Medieval Studies) 11:15 am View
Ceremony 15 Music
Performance and Cultural Industries
1:30 pm View
Ceremony 16 Electronic and Electrical Engineering
Physics and Astronomy
3:30 pm View
Friday 14th July 2017
Ceremony 17 Languages, Cultures and Societies 11:30 am View
Ceremony 18 Languages, Cultures and Societies 2:00 pm View
Ceremony 19 Languages, Cultures and Societies 4:00 pm View
Monday 17th July 2017
Ceremony 20 Mathematics 9:30 am View
Ceremony 21 Chemistry
Food Science and Nutrition
11:30am View
Ceremony 22 Geography 2:00 pm View
Ceremony 23 Earth and Environment
Transport Studies
4:00 pm View
Tuesday 18th July 2017
Ceremony 24 Medicine 9:30 am View
Ceremony 25 Medicine 11:30 am View
Ceremony 26 Psychology 2:00 pm View
Wednesday 19th July 2017
Ceremony 27 Dentistry 9:30 am View
Ceremony 28 Politics and International Studies 11:30 am View
Ceremony 29 Law 2:00 pm View
Ceremony 30 Law 4:00 pm View
Thursday 20th July 2017
Ceremony 31 Design 9:30 am View
Ceremony 32 Design
Media and Communication
11:30 am View
Ceremony 33 Philosophy, Religion and History of Science 2:00 pm View
Ceremony 34 Sociology and Social Policy 4:00 pm View
Friday 21st July 2017
Ceremony 35 Mechanical Engineering 11:30 am View

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